FEATURE 2012.5: Customer Notifications When Out Of Stock Items Become Available

Increase anticipation, and sales for out of stock items with the new “notify me” features…

Customers can now sign-up to receive a notification whenever an out of stock product becomes available to order again. Works with both standard and variant inventory, through variant matrix. Also the text on the notify me link and button within the sign-up form can be overwritten using store text. Featured is turned off by default for existing stores, and turned on by default for new stores.

1) Store settings for feature (help text still needed)

2) Product level template override (help still needed)

3) Notify me link displayed whenever the feature is enabled and the product is listed as unavailable

Variant Matrix

4) Actual signup form

5) Current email template

6) Added Merges:
e. Added product level merges, in relation to notifications

7) Added support to remove.aspx to support notifications as well as mailing lists for unsubscribing.

8) Emails are sent out whenever the stock status is checked, which seems to be when editing an order, placing and order, and imports.

9) When attempting to send out if more than 15 notifications are found for a single product the email is marked for mass emailing.

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